If this is my first purchase of an air conditioner, what are my options?

a) First, decide on the most suitable horsepower – a 1.5 or higher horsepower may be required for larger areas, while a 1.0 hp may be sufficient for smaller spaces such as bedrooms.

b) Consider investing in an Inverter Air Conditioner as it saves energy and is environmentally friendly.

c) Always opt for an air conditioner from a reputable brand. Once you have selected your preferred brand,
learn about the different models offered before settling for your final choice.

a) Bedroom: 1.0hp (room size: 18 to 22 sq. m)

b) Living Room: 1.5hp (room size: 23 to 27 sq. m)

a) Yes, all air conditioners require a separate switch on their own.

b) The “Heater Switch” is commonly used to indicate that an air conditioner is installed in the area.

c) The DB box (Distribution Board) that maintains the power supply in your home should not trip when the air conditioner is switched on.

a) First, check the remote control to ensure its setting is in the correct mode.

b) After that, check the air filters to see if they are dusty. If they are, you may remove the air filters and clean the air filters with water. However, the air filters need to be dry before you put them back.

c) Using a moist cloth, wipe the air conditioner inside out.

d) Then, check the outdoor unit. A Chemical Wash is recommended if the indoor and outdoor units are dirty and covered with grime.

a) Check the Remote Control and use new batteries if the old ones do not work anymore.

b) Then, check the Power Plug Socket. Sometimes, it may be accidentally turned off.

c) If the remote control and power plug sockets are in working order, it could be due to a wiring factor. Get a wireman to check the wiring and DB board.

a) It is better to switch off your air conditioner directly with the Remote Control than the main switch.

b) The compressor might be adversely affected if you frequently switch off directly from the main switch.

a) Try changing the batteries first.

b) If that doesn’t work, try using a different Remote Control.

a) Every six months.

b) Alternatively, you may check the air filters regularly to see if they need cleaning.